Yield-Pots vs. Competing Fabric Pots

YieldPots are considered the value pot of the fabric planter industry. In this Video, Monster garden the largest online hydroponics store on the internet is comparing Yield-Pots to other brands such as Geo Pot, Aero Bag and Smart Pot.

Competitor video

Video transcription

Today, we are looking at some new fabric pots to the market and what these are… out of all the fabric pots that we carry, we see these as our Value Pots!  These are fabric pots that are really inexpensive to the grower.  The one we’ve been selling for a long time is actually this “Aero Bag”, this has kind of been our value fabric pot for quite a while.  As you can see with the “Aero Bag”; it’s made of almost felt material, it’s pretty thick.  It has some stitching inside, it’s not the cleanest stitching in the world.  It has been a great result for a lot of our customers and they really liked them, but what we’re able to do is actually find a pot that has a little bit higher quality of production and is going to rival the price point of this.  And this is a new pot to us, these are the “YieldPots”!  Now the “YieldPots” are made of a PET material; it’s fully biodegradable and it’s also UV resistant, so it’s not going to breakdown it it’s outside in your outdoor garden from season to season.  Now, a little difference between this, that is more of a felt material and this, which is more of a PET material is that you actually get a thinner fabric with the “YieldPots”.  So, that can equate into some faster drying rates, where the air to moisture ratio is really important to the grower that is using a fabric pot.  It’s a great design!  It’s a thin enough fabric, that is durable enough, that it will get the air to moisture ratio that you are looking for and durable enough to last as long as the other fabric pots!  Of course, at a great price point!

            You can see the “YieldPots” have really high quality stitching, it’s double stitched and it actually has a stitched lip!  Now, what that stitched lip helps for is when the pots sitting, empty, and your filling it… Of course, if your doing a lot of these, this makes it a lot easier.  The pot actually sits open itself and it has a flat bottom; a flat, square bottom in order to do so.  Being the fact that it’s square; you typically, in a square tray, can get a couple more pots in that tray versus a typical plastic round pot.


             You know, the manufacturer is actually stating to us that you can wash these pots out with plain tap water.  So the cleanability of these is a little bit easier than some of the other fabric pots that we’ve seen here on the market.  That’s something important to note, especially those growers that are using these in high numbers.  And again, these are biodegradable pots.  Even if it gets past its five year life span and they start to deteriate, which they could last longer that that depending on usage and depending on being indoors  or outdoors, you can obviously take these pots and throw them into the trash and know that this is going to biodegrate in the dump.  It’s not going to be a plastic pot that’s going to take a long, long time to break down.

            Now, the “YieldPots” are available in all sizes!  The most common size that we have purchased here are the 2 gallon, 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 7 gallon, and 10 gallon.  Of course, they have 15 gallon, 20 gallon… they have all the way up to the larger sizes.  Right now, we are just carrying them up to the 65 gallon.  If you need them in larger sizes, just contact us.


            What I have here are a 3 gallon “YieldPot” and a 5 gallon “YieldPot”.  Let’s take a look at the measurements of the 3 gallon.  Now these are probably the two most common sizes that indoor gardeners use.  The diameter is about 10 ½ to 11 inches and the height of the 3 gallon is about 9 ¾ inches.  The 5 gallons height is about 10 ½ inches and it’s diameter is roughly 13 inches in width.