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Yieldpots are a fabric pot made out of plant-based materials, not recycled plastic. Their thinner fabric wall allows more air to reach your roots without compromising quality. Yieldpots fabric is hot pressed to keep the water from running out of the side of the pots so it goes down into the dirt, unlike many other fabric pots where much of the water pours out of the sides causing your plants not to get the water and nutrients they need.

Our fabric pots will retain moisture longer than other fabric pots causing less need for watering so often. Because they are plant-based our pots will biodegrade much faster than recycled plastic fabric pots causing less stress on the environment, but they will also last up to 5 years so they are reusable.

Yieldpots are stitched by hand in homes across the Philippines, not mass produced in some factory, so we produce countless jobs for people who benefit from the opportunity to work from their homes. At almost half the price of other leading brands, you can enjoy greater profits while giving your customers a better value without sacrificing quality.

They are available in 3, 5, and 7-gallon sizes and we will be expanding into 10-gallon sizes and will be offering handles for them in the near future. They come in cases of 50 and ship factory direct, so there are no middleman markups. We ship anywhere in the Continental United States. Yieldpots, the future of fabric pot technology.

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